Clim๏Cats™ Predicts Near Normal 2020 Atlantic & Central Pacific Hurricane Season: Airplanes, Cars, Oil Taken Out Of Circulation Potentially At Risk!

23 April 2020, Honolulu Hawaii

AbsoluteClimo predicts a near normal 2020 Atlantic and central Pacific hurricane season. Physical assets taken out of circulation during pandemic are potentially at risk! AbsoluteClimo provides CFOs, asset managers, risk officers, and pensions opportunity and a quantum of solace during unprecedented financial turmoil. Press release.

AbsoluteClimo at the inaugural Pension Bridge ESG Summit

10 - 11 February 2020, San Diego California

The inaugural Pension Bridge ESG Summit launched with great success in North America. Discussions covered a wide range of ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) topics including climate risk, across an array of asset classes, engaging the audience of senior investment professionals who were at varying stages of their ESG implementation. Event link.

AbsoluteClimo’s $153B 2019 Global Total Losses Forecast Near Perfect

14 January 2020, Chicago Illinois

AbsoluteClimo's Non-Repudiated Near Perfect 2019 Global Total Losses Forecast of $153B USD

AbsoluteClimo Expects 2020 Global Total Losses of $110B USD

AbsoluteClimo Extends Skillful Prediction Horizon to Five Years, Includes Earthquakes & Volcanoes (World First)

Munich Re reports overall losses from natural catastrophes of US$ 150bn: AbsoluteClimo’s non-repudiated 2019 forecast of $153B USD in expected global total losses was right on the money and near perfect. AbsoluteClimo expects 2020 global total losses of $110B USD and announces extension of skillful climate risk prediction horizon to five years, including forecasts of financial losses and casualties from major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide (world first innovation). Press release.

"AbsoluteClimo’s climate risk models forecast fewer economic losses in 2020 " – Catastrophe Bonds, ILS, Reinsurance, Risk Transfer

"A year ago, AbsoluteClimo came out with a forecast from its ClimoCats model, which suggested near normal expected global total climate-driven catastrophe losses of $153 billion, with a probability range of $90 billion (best) to $257 billion (worst). In the end that appears to have been very close to the money, as reinsurance firm Munich Re preliminarily estimated 2019 economic catastrophe losses at $150 billion."

AbsoluteClimo’s 2019 Seasonal Hurricane, Typhoon Predictions Second To None

20 December 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

The 2019 northern hemisphere hurricane, typhoon season results are in the books ex-post. Ex-ante, AbsoluteClimo's non-repudiated seasonal count forecasts were second to none: near perfect in the western and eastern Pacific, perfect in the central Pacific, and financially directionally correct in the Atlantic. Press release year end summary.

AbsoluteClimo at the Singapore International Reinsurance Conference (SIRC)

29 October - 1 November 2019, Singapore

Asia Insurance Review Podcast
The climate emergency
, by Ahmad Zaki | 31 October 2019
"On the sidelines of the 16th SIRC, we sat down with AbsoluteClimo co-founder and climatologist Brendan Lane Larson, visiting from the US, about how climate drives the weather and how insurers can manage the risks caused by climate change." SIRC event page.

AbsoluteClimo at Future Focus 2019 - Sustainability and Resilience

15 October 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

Invited by the University of Hawai‘i Research and Innovation and the Hawai'i Business Roundtable, AbsoluteClimo's Brendan Lane Larson joins Dennis Furukawa (Founder & CEO, Real Green Power), Erin Hughey (Director of Global Operations, Pacific Disaster Center Global), Dan Jenkins (Co-Founder / CTO, Diagenetix), and Bryan Koon (Vice President for Homeland Security and Emergency Management, IEM) on a panel to discuss "Disruptive Technologies in Disaster & Resiliency Management". The Future Focus 2019 conference theme is "Sustainability and Resilience: A focus on efforts to combat sea level rise and other climate change issues through science, engineering, cybersecurity and innovation". Moderated by Karl Kim Director of the Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Program, National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) at the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa. Event page.

Hurricane Forecast Agencies Pivot Toward AbsoluteClimo

12 August 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

AbsoluteClimo's world leading climate-finance risk models remain on course, as traditional hurricane forecast agencies reactively prevacate and pivot toward AbsoluteClimo's year ago hurricane count forecasts. Press release.

AbsoluteClimo at the Insurance-linked securities (ILS) Asia Conference Singapore

11 July 2019, Singapore

The fourth annual ILS Asia conference, hosted by Artemis with 180 attending to discuss Insurance-linkded securities (ILS) activity in Asia. Discussions including the resilience of ILS as an asset class including two heavy catastrophe loss years in Asia, emerging trends in the ILS market, and future growth opportunities relevant for the regional market in Asia Pacific. Event link.

Clim๏Cats™ Predicts A Below Normal 2019 Central Pacific Hurricane Season

31 May 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

AbsoluteClimo's Clim๏Cats is predicting a below normal 2019 Central Pacific Hurricane Season. Risk direction pointing lower is encouraging news especially for Hawaii after last year's above normal season. Press release.

"Hawaii climate modeling company expects less risk this hurricane season " Honolulu Star-Advertiser

AbsoluteClimo at the Worldwide Broker Network Global Conference

24 - 27 April 2019, Boston Massachusetts

Brendan Lane Larson Presents at the WBN Global Conference, 30th Anniversary
AbsoluteClimo Reveals Its 2019 Forecasts of West Pacific Typhoons, Atlantic Hurricanes, U.S. Hurricane Total Losses (Billions of $ USD)

Invited by the WBN Board of Directors, AbsoluteClimo Co-Founder, Climatologist and Physical Meteorologist Brendan Lane Larson presented G๏TCHA and Clim๏Cats for forward-looking climate assessment vs. traditional historical data for insurers to better plan and hedge risk. Brendan was a special guest presenter alongside keynote presentations from Nicholas Burns (Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and Harvard Kennedy School Board of Directors Faculty) and Michael McRaith (Former Director U.S. Office of Insurance and Managing Director, Blackstone Insurance Solutions). @WBNGlobal and WBN LinkedIn

"Above average Atlantic hurricane & west-Pacific typhoon seasons forecast by AbsoluteClimo " – Catastrophe Bonds, ILS, Reinsurance, Risk Transfer

AbsoluteClimo Announces Clim๏Cats™
Predicts 2019 Global total climate cat losses of $153 Billion

18 February 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

The World's First Catastrophic Risk Models Linked To Skillful Climate Physics Predictions

Clim๏Cats are the world's first climate cat risk models linked to (G๏TCHA's) skillful global climate physics predictions, enabling businesses to take views ex-ante for climate cat risk related decisions with lead times up to three years. Available to any business concerned about climate-driven catastrophic perils. Press release.
A snow leopard (Uncia uncia) walks in the snow, image copyright Bernard Landgraf.

"AbsoluteClimo announces new cat model, predicts $153bn losses in 2019 "

"Climate catastrophe risk models launched by AbsoluteClimo " – Catastrophe Bonds, ILS, Reinsurance, Risk Transfer

Climate Drives Weather: Winter Storm Hits Honolulu With Tropical Storm Strength Wind

12 February 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

Cleanup gets underway after powerful gusts and high surf

"Brendan Lane Larson, co-founder of AbsoluteClimo, a Honolulu-based climate forecasting and risk management company, said the weekend storm, at least in Honolulu, was worse than when Hurricane Lane was measured approaching Daniel K. Inouye International Airport." Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

AbsoluteClimo Unaffected By Government Shutdowns

10 January 2019, Honolulu Hawaii

Unlike nearly all public and private sector weather and climate services and apps, AbsoluteClimo's G๏TCHA climate model is independent and completely unaffected by government shutdowns worldwide. Current U.S. government shutdown worsens NOAA's weather and climate model accuracy, impacting nearly "everything". Businesses can count on AbsoluteClimo. Press release.

El Niño Was a No-Show, As AbsoluteClimo Predicted Sept. Through Nov. 2018

12 December 2018, Honolulu Hawaii

El Niño was a no-show September through November 2018 as AbsoluteClimo's G๏TCHA climate model predicted, contrary to a consensus of world government climate models. Climate-sensitive businesses care about financial impact, not jargon. Press release.

AbsoluteClimo Predicts Neutral NINO3.4 Conditions Sept. Through Nov. 2018

10 September 2018, Honolulu Hawaii

AbsoluteClimo's global climate dynamics model, G๏TCHA, disagrees with a consensus of world government climate models which are predicting El Niño to develop this September through November. Have the legacy models lost their minds? Press release.

AbsoluteClimo at the Swiss Re 8th Weather & Energy Conference

5 June 2018, Munich Germany

Invited by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, AbsoluteClimo Co-Founder Brendan Lane Larson joins Jean-Louis Bertrand from Institut Louis Bachelier and Waleed El-Ramly of ZE PowerGroup Inc. on a panel to present and share their recent experience about the data explosion and what it means for the energy business, or for the identification and management of weather risk. Moderated by Mark Stephens Row from The Weather Company (an IBM Business). Event page.

Machine Learning and its Applications in Investment and Risk

9 May 2018, Edmonton Alberta Canada

Invited by the Edmonton Chapter of the Professional Risk Managers' International Association, AbsoluteClimo Co-Founder Brendan Lane Larson joins Vasant Dhar (Founder of hedge fund SCT Capital Management) and Ryan LaFond (Deputy CIO of systematic hedge fund Algert Global) on a panel to present and share their world leading research and practical experience applying machine learning techniques in finance and risk management. Moderated by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri, President and CEO of Bodhi Research Group, at the head office of the Alberta Investment Management Corp. Event page.

AbsoluteClimo Presents at The Montgomery Summit

8 March 2017, Santa Monica California USA

Selected from 4,000 nominated companies, AbsoluteClimo presents breakthrough climate forecasting technology for enterprise risk management to exclusive audience of innovators, investors and business leaders at The Montgomery Summit 2017. Press release.

Brendan Lane Larson, Co-Founder of AbsoluteClimo, speaks with Jacki Karsh for MontyTV at The Montgomery Summit 2017.