AbsoluteClimo Est. 2016 created G๏TCHA™, Clim๏Cats™ Clim๏Energy™ and Clim๏Health™ to help people and business impacted by climate variability and change.

AbsoluteClimo materially reduces long lead future climate uncertainty and resolves it into materially improved financial certainty for confident decision making with consistent predictive skill - a world first.

G๏TCHA is our home grown wholly owned independent pole-to-pole global climate physics prediction model with 4-km and 25-km resolution. G๏TCHA forecasts climate up to 60 months into the future with consistent skill, a world first and paradigm shift! Computational climate change forecasts at 4-km and 25-km resolution directly convey detailed probabilistic confidence with lead times of up to 30+ years for 57 81 climate elements (broad-brushed climate change scenarios do not).

G๏TCHA is the first global climate model consistently accurate enough to fill the void of what was previously impossible on a monthly, quarterly, seasonal, semi-annual, and annual+ basis.

In addition to accounting for anthropogenic warming, G๏TCHA probabilistically predicts major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide with consistent skill (government / university & IPCC global climate models do not).

Driven by G๏TCHA, Clim๏Cats are the world's first-and-only financial models linked to consistently skillful and well calibrated global climate physics predictions at multi-year forecast lead times. Our models' forecasts are backed by a world first-and-only novel business model pegging success and accountability to our probabilistic climate forecast accuracy (skill).

Data provided by AbsoluteClimo’s proprietary global climate physics and catastrophe machine learning models, GoTCHA and ClimoCats, helps to inform the view of Aon’s catastrophe modelling teams, allowing climate change considerations to be incorporated into modelled results for clients.

AbsoluteClimo’s models can provide climate forecasts months and years into the future, which Aon can draw upon when necessary to assist re/insurer clients to develop forward-thinking underwriting and pricing strategies.

Aon plc (NYSE: AON) - London

G๏TCHA and Clim๏Cats provide both catastrophic aka "acute" and non-catastrophic aka "chronic" probabilistic climate physical and financial predictions, including tail risk, which convey detailed confidence suitable for reinsurance, insurance, insurance-linked securities, asset management, investment portfolios, impact investing, hedging, and operational decision making on a time continuum from seasonal and annual to 30 years.

With AbsoluteClimo, climate-linked investment strategies and operational decision making can be made with probabilistic confidence across a time continuum spanning from seasonal and annual to 30 years on usable geospatial scales without over simplifying, overpromising or overstating reality. Scientific and fiscal integrity are a part of our cultural DNA.

A family of climate-finance models, Clim๏Cats predicts impacts to business finances, both losses and opportunities worldwide. Independent modeling views suitable for long term financial interests are provided. Related financials are normalized for inflation, population and other exposure changes.

We welcome this revolutionary business relationship with AbsoluteClimo which will allow access to their world class technology to be baked into our investment decisions.” Christopher Leach, Executive Chairman Sanguine Impact Investment - Utrecht, Netherlands

Land at and below Earth's surface is a critical part of the climate system. Every climate model worth its weight in gold should be capable of accurately predicting the entire geosphere including its financial and climatological impacts. The dynamic duo of G๏TCHA and Clim๏Cats team up to probabilistically and accurately predict significant earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions at up to 60 months into the future, a world first innovation!

Clim๏Energy provides infrastructure investors, utilities and energy traders alike with consistently skilful long term climate forecasts enabling them to assess their exposure to climate volatility during this tectonic shift in global energy markets.” Thomas Schmitz, AbsoluteClimo Energy Advisor - Sydney, Australia

Clim๏Energy: to help the world with infrastructure, energy transition and impact investing including transition risk, Clim๏Energy's machine learning and AI technology leverages G๏TCHA's probabilistic forecasts of 57 81 climate elements, focusing on elements which directly impact energy futures including demand and supply and their related financials: temperatures, precipitation (rain and snow), river and stream flows, water runoff, wind, and cloud cover.

With Clim๏Energy, energy and infrastructure investors benefit from AbsoluteClimo's and its partners' multidisciplinary expertise in physical climate modeling, consistently skillful forecasting, financial engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence and actuarial expertise for future risk and opportunity assessment applicable to time scales ranging from seasons to years to over three decades.


AbsoluteClimo also provides pandemic and epidemiology risk modeling linked to the global climate system as part of our expanding health and human services initiative which includes influenza, harmful algal blooms, air quality impact forecasts for asthma / COPD, and a global pandemic risk index.

Liberate AI is a leader in the development of AI tools for enabling Precision Health at scale. By partnering with AbsoluteClimo, we will be able to improve our predictions for identifying "At Risk" patients, which will power early interventions and improve patient outcomes. Reliable Climate Predictions are a very important addition to our AI predictive capabilities. We are delighted to partner with AbsoluteClimo in this area.” Belinda Roelofs, Chief Executive Officer Liberate AI - London

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (°C)

December 2015 - February 2016
Issued July 2015

Mean Surface Air Temperature Anomaly (°C)

November 2019 - January 2020
Issued June 2019

River Flow Anomaly
(cubic meters / second)

November 2019 - January 2020
Issued June 2019

Australia Cloud-to-Ground
Lightning Days

December 2019 - February 2020
Issued July 2019

Clim๏Cats non-repudiated 2019 Global Total Climate-Driven Losses forecast issued November 2018 by AbsoluteClimo. Munich Re's 2019 result: “Natural catastrophes cause overall losses of US$ 150bn, with insured losses of about US$ 52bn – In line with long-term average.

G๏TCHA, Clim๏Cats, Clim๏Energy and Clim๏Health probabilistically express forecast confidence, empowering climate sensitive organizations to discover where they are financially on the climate risk / opportunity curve, then plan or hedge their climate-driven futures with confidence on a monthly, quarterly, seasonal, semi-annual, annual basis upwards of 30+ years.

The climate system can abruptly and chaotically turn on a dime. Contact AbsoluteClimo to learn how we can help your enterprise: info at absoluteclimo dot com.

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